Born and raised in between Mexico & U.S.A Efren has been able to get the best of both countries. Ever since he was a child, singing has been his passion. In his early age, while attending a private school in Mexico, he became part of the schools choir where he learned how to play the guitar and participated every Sunday in early morning mass for children in his home town. Music, Dance and Singing come from his roots; his father for example, has won several local singing contests, his one year old niece would sing to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and his Mother gets her hips moving as soon as she hears any Latin or Rhythmica music.As an adolescent, he kept his passion to himself as he thought it would never be possible to become a singer, until one day, when he discovered a fellow friend was in contract with a record company in another country. It was then he decided that he would pursue this dream whether his friends & family believed in him or not.He then started to write songs and come up with beats in his head until he finalized three songs. He contacted his friend Alex Acosta who is now one of Mexico’s top Dj and asked if he would work on one song with him, as soon as Alex confirmed he immediately booked a session at the Famous Paramount Recording Studio “C” in Los Angeles and the magic begun.

After a couple months of continued recording, “Don’t stop movin” was born. “Don’t stop movin” was chose by him to be his first introductory single into the Entertainment Business. This song is a “total club song!” he states, “once you hear it, you have the chorus stuck in your head and just want to keep moving!” reason why he chose the songs title, ” Wild Drums & Tambores Salvajes” which are his second single (English and Spanish version) are even better! ” they truly show my style and genre of music and the music videos will be a total visual orgasm!”

Efren is truly a fan of uniqueness and songs that are different. Always in the search for “Sexybeats” he is often found dancing & singing to Russian, Greek, Turkish, Korean, Arabic & music from many other countries who’s singers have “Unique beats” he says. He states that when he obtains his record contract “The world will be able to dance & sing to music that no one has ever heard before”..

Efren Espinoza Portrait